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Q: What is the Company's development strategy?

A: The Company will firmly grasp the major orientation of progress in science and technology, the bigger picture of market evolution, the general trend of changes in the industry, actively aim at the new four modernizations of the automobile industry, adhere to be led by innovation, break through focal points, lead an area by point, promote step by step, comprehensively and profoundly integrate the internet technology and strive to improve quality of product and services.

On the research and development end, the Company focuses on breaking through key technologies including new energy, internet, and intelligence and keeps creating technical advantages. On the manufacturing end, the Company accelerates digitalized and customized manufacturing method and unceasingly steps towards high-class manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. On the user's end, the Company focuses on breaking through new business models including mobility platform, intelligent logistics and financial services and keeps opening up new space for transformation and development. On the market end, the Company provides capacity to expand domestic and international markets with advantages in innovative technology and services, and keeps improving brand competitiveness and international influence, presenting an internationalized new SAIC with more innovative vitality and technology charisma.

The Company is to become a domestic leading auto group in technology and market in the field of new four modernizations by 2020; and become a comprehensive supplier of mobility services and products that is globally competitive and influential.

Q: What's the company's Business plan in 2018?

A: In 2018, the Company will fully carry out the spirit of the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China (NCCPC), guided by President Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese's characteristics for a new era, adhere to work keynote of sought for improvement on a steady basis and sought for newness on a basis of improvement, strive to work hard on improving quality of development and optimizing structure of growth and further turn the advantage in innovation into a market success. The Company will keep aiming at the orientation of new four modernizations, deepen the business synergy, resources sharing, integration of the industry and finance, data integration, and keep seeking for new breakthroughs in differentiation and accelerate the construction of mobility service platform and strive to establish mobility service ecology with close integration of products and services based on integration and development of four modernizations. The Company strives to achieve an annual sales of 7.255 million vehicles. The Company has expected a total operating income of RMB 911.5 billion and a total operating cost of RMB 779.3 billion for the year 2018.

Q: What are The main operation tasks of the Company in 2018 ?

A: In 2018, the Company's major operating tasks are 1) to grasp the trend of consumption upgrading, focus on the orientation of "new four modernizations", make self-owned brands better and stronger and push joint-venture cooperation to a higher level; 2) to actively explore re-differentiation development of new four modernizations, keep improving layout of forward-looking fields and lead SAIC's innovation strategy to be implemented deeply and profoundly; 3) to establish a service ecological framework of SAIC, further resource synergy, accelerate to improve the ecological layout of the services and mobility; 4) to develop financial business actively, keep deepen the integration of the industry and finance, focusing on the establishment of financial services ecology, speeding up the realization of breakthroughs in innovation; 5) to accelerate to expand the scale of overseas sales volume, improve an international operating system, adhere to the strategy of low cost operation and differentiated competitiveness, and improve comprehensive business capability; 6) to strengthen the construction of safety and environmental protection system, deepen quality improvements and keep improving basic management capabilities regarding talents development and internal controls; 7) to keep deepen the reform towards market-oriented mechanism to further motivate staff's in their work and innovation; 8) in consideration of brand building, to strengthen market value management and keep to demonstrate SAIC's new image of innovation and transformation to the market and the public.

Q: What are policies of cash dividend distribution of the Company in 2017?

A: In 2017,the Company plans to distribute cash dividends of RMB 18.30 (inclusive of tax) per 10 shares, amounting to RMB 21,380,734,297.95 in total based on total shares of 11,683,461,365. The Company has no plan of capitalization of capital reserve this year. The cash dividend distribution for the recent three years accumulates to RMB 55,653,216,165.64 in total (including the year of 2017).

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